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Sleek, Seamless & Customer Focused

Say bye to traditional and boring design that is bringing your brand image down. Build an online presence packed with the power to increase engagement and conversions.


Entirely Fuss-Free

Why waste precious time learning every single detail on how to build a website while you should be focusing on more important matters? Our team of professional web builders are experienced in building seamless and customer-focused sites that are packed with the power to increase engagement and conversion rate.

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Website Top Speed 0 - 100% At

1.13 seconds

Speed is king when it comes to a website. Why so? Imagine clicking into a site that takes 15 seconds to load. The chances of customer clicking out tripled if your site speed is not optimized.

We made it a point to ensure that all sites are optimized to a healthy loading speed, so that your business won’t suffer in a result of high bounce-out rate.

Our Features

SEO Optitmized

Search Engine Optimized architecture that will rank your site at higher position in search engines.

Analytic Tools

Reach and expand your audience – Integrated with latest analytic tools to measure website data to strengthen marketing strategies through customer insights. 

HIGH SPEED Performance

Avoid high bounce rate by optimizing your website loading speed. Latest web technologies and quality code is the key to deliver high-speed websites. 

easy editing

Integrated with user friendly Content Management System that allows you to make updates and changes without fuss and hassle. 

Flexible architecture

Quality architecture that is adaptable to changes. Designed to handle marketing campaigns, e.g.: social media campaign, conversion campaign, live-chat integration, email marketing, Google PPC, advanced SEO campaign and more. 

Personalized support

Just like your very own IT department, Web Plus provides unlimited hosting, top-not infrastructure, and around-the clock support. Drop us a message or give us a call. Our Customer Care Team is always ready to provide personalized support. 

Design Packages


The Base

In order to make your entrance to the digital world as simple as possible, we’ve placed great effort in making our websites as affordable, functionable and sustainable as possible. Just so you don’t have to worry too much on the cost to kick-start your online presence.

Startup Package
1 – 5 Pages
Free New Domain*
Free Cloud Server Hosting*

Unique Design Website
Mobile Optimized Website
24/7 Technical Support




Let’s Talk Conversion!

Designed for conversion driven business. Leverage on the latest trends and technologies to architect user interfaces to address your audiences’ needs and expectations. Search Engine Optimized with Data Analysis Tools and powered with user-friendly Content Management System (CMS).

Startup + Growing 

8 Pages
Blog & Gallery System
Content Management System
Advance SEO Features
Free Business Emails



More Coverage

A combination of strong website structure and digital marketing strategies. Able to support extensive amount of content and traffic. Powered with more advanced marketing tools to effectively strengthen marketing strategies. With years of experience in building fully-customized website for our clients, we have worked out a list of essential features for business that aim to go-pro in the digital world. 


Startup + Growing + Pro
12 Pages

Newsletter Subscription
Lead Generation System
Google Business Listing

Get Ready to launch



Let’s get started! Reach out to our friendly team via our lead form, live chat, email or simply give us a call to let us know more about your business. 




After understanding your business’ objective and vision, our team will work on customizing the website that suits your business’ needs. 



Once you’ve agreed on the design direction, our team will then proceed to develop the website, and integrate it with all relevant features and systems that will help your business grow. 



Our job does not end here. Our team will provide continuous support to your business. Come back to us anytime if you have any questions.